How Operators and ISPs can be more cost-efficient and improve results

4 min readJul 8, 2020

I f there is one thing we can all agree, is that Operators and ISPs need to take control of their services. It doesn’t take much to offer a competitive price and even a reasonable proposition value, but it takes tremendous effort to maintain customers after they’ve seen the product, experienced it, and felt the pains you deep down know you have, but never got around to solve. Just imagine the sweet profit you’re missing out on, with clients who could have not only been satisfied but also invested in your relationship, bringing more value to the table.

Beyond customer acquisition and retention, there’s also another costly investment you should protect, your deployed hardware, namely, your set-top boxes.

We all know technology keeps evolving and new specs are running wild with flashy numbers being constantly thrown in your face, but new features are few and released far in between. You need to look at what you are offering and acquire the hardware that better matches that service, after that you only need to make sure it keeps doing what it should do, and at its best. Until your service evolves and needs another surrogate, cut down on all avoidable costs.

Of course, all of this is easier said than done, but there are solutions that allow you to do exactly this, using one single tool, like WeTek’s WeBoxControl. Now, if the name sounds too one-sided and catered to hardware, that’s because it initially was, but it has now evolved into a much more complete and benefit-oriented software.

On the hardware side, you are virtually able to control every single aspect of the deployed set-top boxes.

From running scheduled maintenance check-ups to making sure the devices get updated, even going as far as letting you choose which of the devices to update first and last, so you don’t clog the network. It also does one neat little trick. It can gather usage information, taking into account…


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